Employee Testimonials

“Alexa has done a wonderful job than any recruiter I have known.  She has a very positive attitude and constantly checking in to see how things are going. Anything you need an answer on she does it in a timely matter. I love working for her and wouldn’t change agency’s unless I had to because that client didn’t work with that agency. Very good communication between her employees. I have no complaints.”  ~ Contract Designer

“I just wanted to take a minute from my day to express what a pleasure it has been working for Alexa and Agente Technical! Alexa placed me here at Weber in Gainesville, TX around 5 months ago. I have found my job to be interesting and challenging, and I feel that I have been able to contribute in a positive way since my start. I contribute Alexa’s placement ability and understanding of my skills with making this happen. Not only that; but the office in Bedford has been friendly and courteous every step of the way. Whether giving me a reminder to fill-out my time-sheet so as to be paid on time or taking the time to explain the benefits package available to me, I could not be any more pleased. I look forward to working with Agente now and in the future!” ~ Contract Design Engineer

“Without a doubt Alexa and her team at Agente have made my current contract job the best experience in dealing with recruiters in all of my 15 years in the industry!!!!”  ~ Contract Designer

“I was working for a different contracting shop when I began to hear about Agente and their contacts, Alexa and Betty. In the past, I’ve heard other contracting houses had a very hands off approach to recruiting.  I was unfortunately, beginning to see that with my previous contracting house.  Other houses that I contacted did not call or e-mail me back and most of the time they seemed to do nothing with my resume.  That was not the case with Agente. Alexa works quickly, communicates well and is very thorough about details of a potential opening. She is very knowledgeable, approachable and pro-active.  Susan in the Human Resources Department has also helped me tremendously with the finer points of my paperwork to get on board with Agente. During this time and this market it is incredibly important to have someone represent and work hard for you. Alexa, Betty and the team have done that for me and I know they will do it for others as well!” ~ Contract Design

“Of the various contract houses I have had opportunities to work with, I must say that Agente Technical and team, specifically Alexa Bui, with whom I have interfaced, is highly commendable for its professionalism. I will definitely be calling on their services should the time arrive, and will highly recommend to any of my associates.” ~ Contract Designer

“I must say, it was a pleasure going to work for Agente. I was very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of Agente from the streamline processing of my on boarding paperwork to the direct deposit payroll setup. Agente had a test run the first week in order for my direct deposit to be ready and in my bank by my first check, simply amazing. All the other companies I have worked for, I either had to manually pick up my checks the first week or two or three or they would be mailed out to my home, normally late every time. You have been very helpful to me and Agente is doing all the right things! Keep up the great work!” ~ Contract Designer

“I have been a contractor for over 8 years and have worked with several agencies and agents in that time.  I can honestly say, with a good conscious, that Alexa Bui is ranked the best among the recruiters that I’ve worked for.  She is honest, dependable and highly professional. Furthermore, her agency (Agente) is by far the best company that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I hope that our professional relationship endures until I retire.” ~ Contract Design Engineer

“I have had the privilege to work with Alexa Bui and the Agente’ group since December, 2010. I have been very pleased with the quick response to any question I had or that my wife had concerning any issue. Alexa has taken very good care of me over the last 10 months. Since I started my position in Gainesville, TX, I have talked with Alexa many times. Most were business, some were just checking up on things. She is very personable and a pleasure to work with. I hope for a long association with Alexa and the Agente’  team.” ~ Contract Designer

“I have known Alexa and Betty for close to 10 years.  In that time I have worked for them on three different occasions.  I worked with them when they were with Butler and now with their own company, Agente Technical. To date they are the best team of recruiters I’ve had the pleasure to work with. If they make a promise to accomplish a task or provide a resource you can absolutely count on it happening.  In today’s market that proves invaluable. I never worry they will come through for me when they make a commitment and for that they have my utmost respect.
I am not writing this email for their benefit but for the benefit of anyone considering doing business with Agente.  I have had dealings with many contract shops and recruiters over the years but I know of no others as worthy of my praise.” ~ Contract Design Checker

“I have been working with Betty and Alexa for most of my engineering career. I was first aligned with them when they were running the Dallas office for Butler. When they left Butler to adventure on to their own, I was more than happy to take my business with them. They are a hard working team that looks out for their customers in all that they do whether you are the employer or the employee. They will go out of their way solve any issue that may come up during your contract period. I plan to take them along through my journey as I go to work for other companies. I would (and do) highly recommend the Agente team to any employer as well as any contractor looking for work. No team can get more done than this team; there is no match in the business. As I have noted; I completely recommend this team. I hope to send more work their way.” ~ Structures Engineering

“Alexa is what every recruiter needs to be. She is aggressive, professional, personable, thorough, and honest. She will do what it takes to get the right people for the right job. And it doesn’t stop there. She continues to stay in contact with the employer and employee to ensure everything is taken care of and everyone stays happy. She would be a very valuable tool for any company’s recruiting needs.” ~  Contract Completions Engineer
“I have known Alexa Bui for several years as a recruiter. She has demonstrated a very high enthusiasm for the job, very caring ensures the employees are being treated fairly, and really makes an extra effort to support your needs at the company. I highly recommend Alexa Bui is one of the Best Recruiters I have ever dealt with as a Manager and as my work representative. She is the best and goes out of the way to support/help the people!!” ~ FAA-DER Electrical Systems and Equipment

“My wife and I have worked with several contract engineering firms, and Agente Technical is by far the best that we have worked with. In my experience, most firms simply wait around for openings to fall into their laps before trying to place contract engineers in a position. Our recruiter, Alexa Bui, actively stays in touch with potential clients, trying to place the right personnel in the right positions. The team at Agente is very easy to work with and always responds quickly to any needs/requests that we have.  In short, I would highly recommend Agente Technical and Ms. Bui as both an employer for Contract Professionals and as a source of Technical Staffing for clients.” – Contract Mechanical Engineer

“The team of Betty Odeneal and Alex Bui has been a spectacular contract house to work for.  They ensure that all their employees are well taken care of and any issues/concerns are immediately dealt with.  They also show us regular appreciation by providing lunch, cupcakes, coffee mugs, hats, and t-shirts.  We also have access to 401K, and health insurance through their company as well. 
I have returned to work for these two on several occasions; they are my preferred contracting house!” ~ Contract Mechanical Engineer

“I have been a contract employee with Agente Technical for 6 months and have nothing but the highest regard for their company. I plan to use Agente on future contract jobs. They are the best.” ~ Contract Mechanical Design Engineer

“I have been working in the aerospace industry as a contract engineer for about five years and in that time I have worked for four different agencies.  Agente has been the best so far, most notably for the personal attention provided by both Alexa Bui and Betty Odeneal to any issue or concern that I have had.  Agente personnel have gone above and beyond any expectation I had for assistance with any problem / issue that has come up.  Appreciation is shown to us contractors by both Alexa and Betty via catered lunches, cakes, coffee mugs and tee-shirts which once again is more than I can say for the other three agencies I have worked for.  I have never had any problem reaching my recruiter (Alexa) when I have had questions to ask, she always returns my calls and emails in a timely fashion and has always either had or has retrieved the information I request.  Of the contracting firms and recruiters I have dealt with, I highly recommend Agente Technical and Alexa Bui.” ~ Contract Stress Engineer

“I have recently been assigned to work as a stress engineer at Gore Design Completions, Ltd in San Antonio TX. This is the first assignment with Alexa Bui (Technical Recruiter) of Agente Technical and has been an exceptional experience. Alexa Bui provided me with helpful resources and advice in preparing work references, interviewing tips, and kept in daily communications with me. Within a few days of being contacted by Alexa Bui, interviews and a final job offer was extended. The first day of work all necessary paper work had already been submitted to the employer and first day orientation was a smooth success. It is a pleasure working with Alexa Bui of Agente Technical and look forward to many years of continued working relationship.” ~ Contract Stress Engineer

“Alexa has been doing an outstanding job of recruiting highly qualified and talented engineers.  I know wherever she places me that I will be working with very skilled individuals.  She has also remained very professional and has not failed to place me quickly in the event of layoffs.  I highly recommend Alexa Bui of Agente’ for all technical staffing needs.” ~ Contract Designer

“Alexa has always been a wonderful recruiter for me during the last 4 years. She is always available to me when needed, always friendly and ready to help. Couldn’t ask for anything better!” ~ Contract Liaison/Design Engineer

“I have been employed with Agente since about mid February of this year. Agente is my fourth contract house I have worked for in my career. I find them to be the best in supporting their employees and providing competent individuals to the companies that use them. I work with a few other people that are Agente contract employees and they are highly regarded by the direct employees. I find Agente very proficient in getting issues resolved in a timely manner. Alexa Bui is my main point of contact and provides incredible support. Alexa is a pleasure to deal with as she can get the job done but also has a great sense of humor. I was directed to Alexa through a friend that had been represented by Agente, they have lived up to the praise given by my friend. The people I have referred myself to Alexa and Agente have been very satisfied as well.” ~ Contract Liaison/Design Engineer

“Please allow me to take this time and thank you, as well as your Agente Team, for a very professional and advantageous relationship. Even with my worldwide connections in aviation and aerospace, you were able to solidify me one of the most attractive contract consulting agreements I’ve even had. Then to top it off, Agente has been perfect with payments, reimbursements and benefits. I have advised many of my colleagues in the contract and consulting arena to contact Agente in their search for new or additional work. In addition I would highly recommend the entire Agente group to any corporation looking to fill positions. They would greatly benefit from the chance to work with you.” ~ FAA-DER; Systems + Equipment; Avionics-Electrical-HIRF-Lightning