Agenté Technical – Executive Team

female silhouette

female silhouette

Alexa Bui

Co-founder of Agente Technical, LLC

Alexa has a professional career that spans more than ten years of recruiting and talent relationship management in the Technical Staffing Industry.  She is a graduate of University Texas Arlington with Bachelor of Arts.

Alexa was exposed to a wide variety of industries while working for a $350 million dollar staffing firm for ten years.  She quickly recognized her ability to locate talent in the aerospace industry.  Alexa’s focus on the aerospace industry contributed to her success and resulted in her achieving both Recruiter of the Year and the President’s Club honor for five consecutive years.  By focusing on building relationships, Alexa rapidly built a network of top industry talent spanning the United States, from high level DERs, Engineers, Managers, to Aircraft Manufacturing Technicians.

Alexa was instrumental in the start up of Agente Technical with her organizational leadership abilities that helped create an atmosphere within the firm for team work and positive open communications.  She has not only increased trust and loyalty within her Network, but was able to inspire the confidence necessary to create a service model for the future.

Today, she not only stimulates the vision of Agente Technical to serve those needs for talent, but she manages the Operations and Recruiting efforts of the entire organization while continuing to maintain relationships with strategic consultants and clients.

Agente Technical thrives upon Alexa’s ability to provide quality services based upon a reputation of the utmost integrity and fairness, which she has achieved over the past ten years.

Betty Odeneal

Co-Founder of Agente Technical, LLC

Betty has been directly involved in the business development, marketing, sales, and client relationship management of Agente Technical leading the way into a competitive enterprise-wide technical staffing firm.  Her visionary leadership in sales and marketing, combined with twelve years of success in the Technical Staffing industry, has created excellent opportunities for Agente Technical.

As a talented entrepreneur with a passion for professional excellence, Betty has the experience of leading the company to profitable and exponential growth.  Her canny ability to quickly recognize market demand, and position an organization to meet that demand, has been strategic to Agente Technical’s success over the years.

After earning a B.A. degree from University of Central Oklahoma, Betty worked as an Employment Specialist for the State of Texas for five years, successfully transitioning many individuals from government assistance to gainful employment in the community.  Betty understands that human capital is the primary investment made by businesses that ultimately drives innovation within every industry.